Concertino Braunschweig

Director: Concertmaster Joachim Heimbrock

In the year 1995, ten string players from the ranks of the Braunschweig State Orchestra founded the ensemble "Concertino". The Braunschweig public embraced this wonderful addition to the operatic and symphonic repertoire with enthusiasm, and appearances rapidly followed at the Cathedral Festival in Bad Gandersheim, in Königslutter am Elm and in Hamburg. Moreover, this chamber orchestra performed the full-length ballet "Shady Games" at the Braunschweig State Theatre during the 1995/96 season.

The Ensemble soon grew to include several wind players, so that its repertoire was now expanded to include works of the early classical and romantic periods. Today the "Concertino" consists of sixteen players. It has traditionally performed the "Holy Night" at the Braunschweig State Theatre together with Director Wolfgang Gropper. Most recently, the orchestra performed at the international Monastery Festival in Maulbronn and at the Hanau Music School together with cabaret performer Herbert Feuerstein. Further appearances have been planned.

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