Danuta Dulska

Danuta Dulska was born in Gdansk, Poland. She attended the Music High School there and studied piano, solo voice and acting at the State Music Academy. She successfully passed the concert examination for solo singing in the class of Christian Elssner at the Academy of Music in Dresden. Further studies led her to Adele Stolte (Potsdam), André Orlowitz (Copenhagen), Neil Semer (New York) and Helmut Kretschmar (Detmold).

From 1990 until 1995, Danuta Dulska was an instructor at the Music Academy in Gdansk for lied accompaniment and later for voice; from 1996 until 1999 she was an ensemble member at the Hamburg State Opera. Since 1989 she has performed as a concert and operatic singer, with concerts, broadcasts and live recordings in Germany, Poland, Holland, Finland, Sweden, France, Russia, the Czech republic and Slovakia.

Danuta Dulska is employed at various singing schools (Cathedral and St. Aegidien) in Brunswick, and she teaches voice and piano at the Academy there and at the State Music School as well.

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