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Surround Experiments with the AN/DI Pro
  Optimal Surround Signal
The upcoming DVD-Audio standard will support the surround format 5.1. Therefore, this format, already widely used in the area of film and post-pro, will become more and more important for the field of audio production." Thomas Sandmann (M.S.), audio engineer and owner of the master orange group, conducted remarkable surround experiments with the Mindprint frontend AN/DI Pro for SICUSKlassik.

SICUSKlassik exclusively publishes high-end productions, recorded in natural concert halls. In order to maintain the naturalness of a room's specific sound, mainly classical stereo-microphone arrangements are used, but additional microphones are rather the exception than the rule. Therefore, SICUSKlassik deals with the surround theme in a very similar way, clearly differing from the common procedure. While the multitrack philosophy means to close mike all instruments, record them on separate tracks, and pan them into the surround field with the aid of the mixer's panpots, SICUSKlassik, however, aims at idealising the natural acoustics exclusively, even when proceeding to the surround format. Therefore, Thomas Sandmann extended the classical stereo mic patterns to a surround cluster using five or seven microphones, following the very same philosophy known from stereo patterns.

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