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Masses of the 20th Century, Vol. 1

Langlais, Stockmeier, Linke, Karlsen, Pärt
Ingeborg Hischer (mezzo-soprano)
Joachim Dorfmüller (organ)

Marie-Louise Langlais (October 29, 2006)
  Please congratulate your interpreters, especially Mrs. Hischer, who has a beautiful voice and is a real singer, as my husband liked. Nowadays his mass "In Simplicitate" is very often sung by choirs, which is stupid, as it was written for Janine Collard, a great mezzo from the Paris Opera. I remember that he did not at all like it sung by a choir. It is particularly impossible in the Credo! Congratulations also to your organist, Joachim Dorfmüller, who accompanies with great care and musicality.

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