Hans-Dieter Karras
plays Suites for Organ from four Centuries

Volume 1
Hans-Dieter Karras plays Suites for Organ from four Centuries

With this production
SICUS Klassik
is starting a new series:

Suites for Organ
from four Centuries

This project of recording organ suites from different epochs and styles is a long-nurtured idea.

The form of the suite, based on the ancient dance movements of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, has been retained over the centuries, but clothed in ever new tone colours with the corresponding compositional means and developments. The multifarious colours of the movements, usually not too long, also make possible an impressive presentation of the various organ stops with their characteristic timbres. These have their origins in the imitation of early instruments, the names of which they often bear. These organ stops were then enriched with typical orchestral sounds during the Romantic period, thus adding deep, warm and floating voices on the one hand and also blood-curdling tuttis on the other hand.

The 4-manual Great Kienle Digital Organ PKM IV in Metz, equipped with 67 stops, was selected for this recording. It has a special sound-irradiation system at its disposal with so-called resonators, coming quite close to the classical pipe organ in its effect and communicating the same feeling of spaciousness when all the stops are pulled out. But the tender and lyrical voices, especially the large concert flutes and the warm sonic carpet of the 8' foundation voices, are comparable to those of a pipe organ as well. The suites recorded here, spanning four centuries, show the complete potential of this organ; at the same time, their specifications allow the essential characteristics of French, German and American organ music to be realised. The accessory of this organ allowing for a choice between various (historical) temperaments was not used for this recording because this is not possible with pipe organs.

This CD with rarely-heard suites is the first in a planned series with suites.

contents of volume 1

Johann Jakob Froberger (1616 – 1667)
Suite in G „Auff die Mayerin“
[1] Prima Partita 0'59
[2] Secunda Partita 1'10
[3] Terza Partita 1'04
[4] Quarta Partita 1'11
[5] Quinta Partita 1'19
[6] Sexta Partita (Cromatica) 1'59
[7] Courante sopra „Mayerin“ 1'20
[8] Double 1'16
[9] Sarabande sopra „Mayerin“ 1'59

Louis-Nicolas Clérambault (1674 – 1749)
Suite du Premier Ton
(du „Premier livre d'orgue“
[10] Grand plein Jeu 2'12
[11] Fugue 2'46
[12] Duo 1'22
[13] Trio 1'42
[14] Basse et Dessus de Trompette 1'40
[15] Récits 3'08
[16] Dialogue 2'15

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)
Pastorale in F
(Suite), BWV 590
[17] Präludium 2'29
[18] Allemande 3'06
[19] Aria 3'06
[20] Gigue 4'31

Léon Boëllman (1862 – 1897)
Eucharistic Suite
[21] Entrée 1'01
[22] Offertoire 2'42
[23] Élévation 1'36
[24] Verset 1'13
[25] Communion 1'54
[26] Sortie 1'40

Joseph Marie Deodat de Séverac (1872 – 1921)
Petite Suite Scholastique
[27] Prélude 2'52
[28] Méditation 3'10
[29] Prière-Choral 2'12
[30] Cantilène Mélancolique 2'24
[31] Fanfare Fuguée 3'08

Gordon Young (1919 – 1998)
Cathedral Suite
[32] Praeludium 1'14
[33] Allemande 0'42
[34] Aria 2'54
[35] Rigaudon 1'36
[36] Sarabande 2'17
[37] Toccata 4'13

Hans-Dieter Karras ...................... organ

Recorded: June 2008, Église Neo-Apostolique Metz, France, Kienle-Organ · Recording, Engineering: sonox musikproduktion ·
Mastering: Thomas Sandmann, master orange music · DDD ·
Total playing time: 77'41

SICUSKlassik   sic 008-2


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