Théodore Dubois:
Les Sept Paroles du Christ

Théodore Dubois: Les Sept Paroles du Christ

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“Les Sept Paroles du Christ” (“The Seven Last Words of Christ”), one of Dubois's two oratorios, was the composer's most frequently performed choral during his lifetime. The complete version is scored for three soloists, choir and large orchestra, but Dubois also made a version – unfortunately lost – which reduces the orchestral part to organ, harp, tympani and double bass. This “small” version has been reconstructed by Hans-Dieter Karras, based on the “large” version, and, renouncing the double bass, it led to the concert recording for the present CD.

A free treatment of the texts, as well as dispensing with a definite assignment of the soloists' roles, is typical of this work. The part of Jesus is sometimes performed by the tenor and, at other times, by the baritone. The well-known “seven last words” from the gospels according to John, Luke, Mark and Matthew form the basis of the Latin vocal texts. For his oratorio Dubois uses further texts, of only partial Biblical origin, however, in order to complete or frame the gospel texts.

Théodore Dubois (1837 – 1924):
Les Sept Paroles Du Christ
[1] Introduction (soprano) 5'37
[2] First Word (baritone, tenor, choir) 5'08
[3] Second Word (tenor, baritone, choir) 4'56
[4] Third Word (soprano, tenor, baritone, choir) 5'36
[5] Fourth Word (baritone) 5'31
[6] Fifth Word (tenor, baritone, choir) 5'36
[7] Sixth Word: (tenor, choir) 4'26
[8] Seventh Word (soprano, tenor, baritone, choir) 6'46

Corinna Heller  ·  Soprano
Jae-Min Ahn  ·  Tenor
Marc Fiedler  ·  Baritone
Andreas Witlake  ·  Harp
Teodor Popescu  ·  Timbali
Projektchor „Dubois“
Hans-Dieter Karras  ·  Conductor, Organ

This concert was recorded at the Riddagshausen Monastery Church (Brunswick) on 9 March 2008 · Recording and Engineering: sonox musikproduktion · Mastering: Thomas Sandmann, master orange music · Digital Recording · Total playing time: 43'38

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