Benjamin Britten, Bertolt Brecht:
Children's Crusade
(Libretto in German)
Kinderkreuzzug, Libretto in German
Benjamin Britten, Bertolt Brecht, Kinderkreuzzug, CD
Kinderkreuzzug, Benjamin Britten, Bertolt Brecht, CD
Braunschweig Youth Choir
Conductor: Manfred Ehrhorn

This CD contains furthermore an introduction
to the work by Manfred Ehrhorn
in addition with audio examples.

series iterum by SICUSKlassik
Kinderkreuzzug, Children's Crusade
Historical LP recording from 1981,
first recording with German libretto by Brecht,
now digitally remastered,
published as CD on March 07, 2012.
Britten, Brecht, Kinderkreuzzug, Ehrhorn

About this CD
Benjamin Britten (1913–1976) based the libretto of his work "Children's Crusade — Kinderkreuzzug" on Bertolt Brecht's ballad entitled "Kinderkreuzzug 1939." It was premiered in 1969 at St. Paul's Cathedral in London in an English-language version. The German-language version was premiered in 1980 in Braunschweig by about 50 girls and boys of the Braunschweig Youth Choir conducted by their choir director, Prof. Manfred Ehrhorn, who followed it up in 1981 with the first recording of this version for a long-playing record. The present CD introduces a digital reconstruction of this long-playing record — so far the only German-language recording listed in the Bielefeld Classics Catalogue.

Benjamin Britten (1913 – 1976)
Libretto: Bertolt Brecht (1898 – 1956)
Kinderkreuzzug / Children‘s Crusade
(German libretto original by Bertolt Brecht)
[1] General situation of the children in the devastated wintry land 3'28
[2] Description of individual members of the children's group 5'26
[3] Narrator's commentary 3'17
[4] Futility and irredeemability of the quest for peace 4'13
[5] Vision of the enormous streams of refugees and of the suffering of all children of this world 2'05
[6] Indirect report of the death of the children 1'57

Manfred Ehrhorn (* 1930)
Introduction to the Work with audio examples
[7] – [23] 17 audio examples with commentaries
(only at the CD, not as prelistenings)
[21] audio example explained by Manfred Ehrhorn (in German):
Als die Kinder sich um ihren kleinen Führer scharen und auch er nicht mehr weiter weiß, wächst in ihnen die Angst riesengroß ...

Braunschweig Youth Choir
Hans-Dieter Meyer-Moortgat, Haide Linhardt (piano)
Jürgen Niemann (organ)
City of Brunswick Music School (percussion)
Manfred Ehrhorn (conductor, commentator)

Recorded 1981, St. Magni Church Brunswick, Germany · digital Engineering: 2010/2011 Thomas Sandmann, Holger Siedler, sonox musikproduktion · Mastering: Thomas Sandmann, master orange music · Layout: sonox musikproduktion · Total playing time: 42' 41

SICUSKlassik   sic 205-2


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